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Clay Murals

Typically a clay mural project may involve a selected group of pupils, a year/key stage or sometimes the whole school. Themes are often selected by the school and the final design is arrived at through a number of combined methods which may include a pupil design competition, staff input and design management by Richard. Those involved create the clay tile based piece using different techniques that facilitate the colorful mounted work to be viewed from a distance as an encompassing composition as well as at close quarters which reveals the individual tile designs. Themes that have been followed to date include images that represent school logos, philosophies, and doctrines, the Six Faiths, Under the Sea, Underground, The Fruits of the Spirit, Christianity, The school buildings, works by artists e.g. Lowry and many others.  

This larger scale project offered to schools normally includes the establishing of a design, several days residency and workshops in school, firing, glazing, mounting (at my own studio) and final installing back at the school.