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The large variety of workshops which use clay as the main material are designed to achieve an enjoyable, engaging individual and interactive educational experience for all those taking part. Often designed with both Primary and Secondary curriculum in mind they are delivered from a position of Practice. For a Creative approach to the curriculum clay making and sculpture workshops examples include as their themes.

Clay animal modeling which can include Fish Monsters, African elephants, Fishy Characters and Mythological creatures like Asian Water Dragons

Unlocking the secrets of Fibonacci using a range of tools techniques and processes. Be inspired by this 13th century Mathematicians findings and explore relationships between squares and spirals, sculpture and architecture and patterns and forms in nature.

Earthen Architecture-where did civilization begin and how does this relate to Neolithic society, traditional African village housing and contemporary Vernacular buildings.

Clay vessel making taught using a number of techniques including coiling and pinching but also techniques directly influenced by African potters.

Mask, and Artifact and object making inspired by Historical cultures, religions and artists.

Abstract sculptural pieces informed by relationships of shapes in mathematics and contemporary sculptors like Anthony Caro, Tony Cragg and Chris Drury.