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Category: What the People Say

Working together in a relaxed, fun but focused way will help your employees find out more about each other in ways not possible in the usual workplace where the personal barriers are often up.

 “…plenty of time to think it through and discuss ideas fully”

As many delegates have commented, a strong feel-good factor pervades the team-building sessions and as a result the workplace barriers come tumbling down, leading to a more harmonious working relationship.

Many delegates have commented at the end of the sessions that as a result they feel much more predisposed to encourage and listen to the ideas of their colleagues and those they are responsible for back in the workplace.

“I had to listen to others’ comments and compromise on what was included.”

‘Stimulating’ is an adjective that crops up a lot when our delegates reflect on how they found the sessions.

Many delegates report that the sessions are challenging as many of them have done no art since their schooldays and that without the support and co-operation of their colleagues the completion of the tasks would never have been possible.

Richard’s explanation of the stages of development is clear and non-prescriptive.

The activities take many out of their comfort zone, but in an atmosphere that is non-judgemental and un pressurised .

“The activities took me out of my comfort zone but still remained fun.”