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Richards Earthen Sculpture

The Ritual Building of New Earth was the first of three projects to be constructed from the vernacular architectural practice of Rammed Earth. The tradition normally associated with the construction of houses dates back to Neolithic times. It is thought that the first homes that civilised man lived in were made in a very similar method. the study of earthen architecture by pre and post industrialised societies from around the world has inspired these projects.

New Earth Sculpture is sited at the Ferry Meadows Nene Park in Peterborough. The work used 17 tons of sub soil and took several months to construct. The timbers used are thought to be at least 3- 400 years old. The project was commissioned by Peterborough Sculpture Trust in conjunction with The Nene Park Trust and Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery. It was funded by Awards For All and is now part of the Sculpture Trusts collection. This work has attracted national and international attention.

Earth - A New Perspective was a commission by Wysing Arts based near Cambridge. It makes use of local materials and visually responds to qualities in buildings sited in its immediate and wider environment. The abstract group of sculptures are constructed along a conceptual arc that makes use of the natural gradient of the landscape to create a series of imaginary lines between the sculptures and their surroundings.